The Levenstein/Roth photo album from 2003

Here are the long lost photos!!! I've gotten ambitious and finally decided to get them all online, published ... enjoy!!! Starring Michael, Barbara, Elaine, Harry, Sheldon, Alicia, Brian, Erin, Joshua, Dustan and Jenelle and a host of other friends and family members. This photo page is really two different trips. The first trip was to Chicago, in July of 2003, and the second trip was to Gatlinburg, over Thanksgiving in November.

Elaine, Sheldon and their kids visit Chicago in July of 2003

Downtown Chicago, and the Shedd aquarium, July 11, 2003

Michael, Josh, Shel and Brian went to a Cubs game, July 12th

Josh has a birthday, lots of folks visit.... July 12th

A boat ride on Lake Geneva with all the cousins, and Ethyl.

Downtown Chicago, a visit to the Sears tower

A walk into Gatlinburg

The first of our gorgeous outdoor hikes

Our second hike, even more gorgeous

Cable car ride up into Gatlinburg

Lots of stuff, airplanes, cabs, views from the cabin