Dustan's Bar Mitzvah, January 17th 2004

Dustan's Bar Mitzvah was a total blast! Thanks to everyone who attended. All of you mean a lot to all of us! The events started Friday, when the out of towners finished arriving in Austin. Dustan's Bar Mitzvah was Saturday morning, January 17th, on Dustan's birthday. The party was at Stubbs, later that evening, with music provided by Robbi Sherwin and her band. Sunday, everyone started going back home.

Friday night at Shel's house and services at Beth Shalom

Dustan's Bar Mitzvah, Saturday morning services at Beth Shalom

Brunch after services at Beth Shalom

Formal pictures taken outside at the JCC

Pictures taken Saturday night at Stubbs

Havdallah, at Stubbs

Robbi Sherwin's band

After the party was over, Homestead Suites, breakfast at Ruth's house

Dustan's incredible DVar Torah ... Also, Ruth & Shel's speeches.