San Antonio and our front lawn

The kids and I spent the day at San Antonio on December the 18th. We had fun walking around the riverwalk, and the Alamo, taking pictures. Some of these are pretty creative. Several of these pictures were taken with the Tiffen wide angle lens at at F2.0 and ISO200 due to poor lighting: 0401, 0404, 0407, 0409, 0410, 0411, 0412. I cropped them vertically to a 3:2 aspect ratio (reduced from 2304x3072 to 2048x3072); this gets rid of a tiny amount of vignetting in the corners of the photos. In addition, 0460 is an ISO1600 B&W experimental picture of Twister. 0426 is a 1 second time exposure, steadied by a stone fence overlooking the river. 0426 is an ISO400 image at 1/4 of a second steadied by a vertical post. And, finally, there are also a few pictures of the house here, including the famous picture we had signed at the wedding of Miriam, Dustan, Jenelle, and I along with Dolly, Alex, Meiko and Twister all sitting in front of our house. The house photos were taken in October and November.








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